No to Illegal Drugs

May 20, 2008

Fighting illegal drugs is the single most effective way of taking on the ruling elite and derailing the New World Order

The 600 billion dollar illegal drug trade is the Achilles heel of the ruling elite. Attacking it is probably the single most effective way of fighting the New World Order. Although the monopolistic sale of illegal drugs is not the only source of income for the ruling elite, it is the main source of finance for the ‘Matrix’, the evil machine that keeps the entire system together.

More than 90% of illegal drugs are sold by rogue government agencies close to the ruling elite, which explains why law enforcement all over the world has been so utterly unsuccessful at combatting them, even in police states such as Singapore. Drug prohibition is not about preventing the sale and use of harmful drugs. It is about keeping the competition out and ensuring maximum profits. Highly publicised seizures of drug deliveries and drug dealers are merely ‘perception management’. They are either staged or cases of enforcing the government monopoly. Either way it is about creating and maintaining the illusion that something is been done about the drug problem.

The activities of the Matrix

The inflated profits from this government enforced, tax payer funded monopoly are used to pay for the ‘Matrix’ or ‘shadow government’. These are parts and – mostly illegal – activities of the government that are outside of the legal and budgetary control of the elected parliament such as:

-spies surveilling lower ranked members of the ruling elite and their top executives,

—a pool of professional killers to eliminate potential whistle-blowers and others who have become a danger to the ruling elite,
—perks, bribes and other secret or disguised payments to prominent members of the Matrix amongst politicians, judges, public servants, scientists, media, sports and entertainment figures,
—false-flag terrorism,
—extremist political groups,
—research institutes, foundations, conferences,
—paedophilia and satanism networks,
—a highly developed sophisticated disinformation network,
—moles and gatekeepers in all aspects of public life.

The Matrix does not only tell the people what to think and say, how to spend their time and money. It also ensures that none of the members of the Matrix or the ruling elite dares to blow the whistle. Anybody trying to ‘rock the boat’ is ignored, ridiculed, vilified, destroyed or even killed by the Matrix.

Dependence on illegal drug money

All of the above is critical for the continued rule of the ruling elite and wouldn’t be possible without the drug money. The reason why depriving the Matrix of the illegal drug revenue is the single most effective way of fighting the ruling elite and derailing her evil plans is that it is virtually impossible to finance the Matrix in any other way.

The illegal drug trade, at least in absolute figures, is the single most profitable industry in the world due to the monopoly protection. Therefor, the income from drugs cannot simply be made up by revenues coming from a different industry.
Raising taxes are no alternative, not only because of the amounts needed but also because of the legal and budgetary supervision coming with tax revenue, which forbids itself due to the highly illegal nature of the activities of the Matrix.
Even though the ruling elite as a whole might have the means to fund the Matrix privately, in practice our self-chosen rulers wouldn’t be able to agree on who pays how much. The amount needed is just too high.

Cutting off the purse-strings

I suggest the formation of local anti-drug groups focusing on cleaning up one particular town or area in a two-pronged approach:

Handing out information leaflets informing potential consumers of the role illegal drugs play in the creation of the New World Order.

Do the detective work the police is refusing to do:
- surveil notorious drug trading locations such as bars, clubs, pubs etc.,
- take pictures of the dealers with notes of date, time and location,
- establish other details like car numbers plates that could help identify the dealers,
- send the information collected to \n for publication on our site (optional)
- advise the police of what you have found out
- if the police refuses to arrest and prosecute the dealers, inform the local media via press release

Remember, we are not trying to establish who the people are behind the point of sale drug dealer. We already know. What we are trying to do is to curtail the ability of the ruling elite to sell illegal drugs as a means of financing their evil plans.

Abolishing prohibition

Abolishing drug prohibition would obviously do the trick of depriving the Matrix of her main source of income. Having said that, I consider any lobbying for abolishing prohibition a waste of time. Given the stranglehold of the ruling elite over public opinion, the political and the legal process, all it would achieve is endless debates with no results. The beauty of taking on the New World Order by fighting against illegal drugs is that nobody can say anything against it.



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  1. Bob in DC on May 20th, 2008 8:07 pm

    I have fought the drug plague in the past , 30 years ago, and can tell you from experience that there is but one way to defeat the evil cabal of White Race traitors, Jews, and their ilk, who control it:


    14 Bob