Of lights and tunnels

April 28, 2008

Not a day goes by that I’m not humbled by the support we get at VoR. You would think that people coming forward to support you makes things a bit more relaxed, but it’s just the opposite–you want to dig in and show them that their investment in your organization is worth it. You know who you are, and we all thank you more than you know. We will continue working that no support of this project will ever be done in vain.

It’s 4:40AM Eastern, and I just finished coding up a PHP script that will hopefully fix the bugs we’ve had with the embedded players. The baby will be awake soon and will be very hungry, so I’ll have to do this in bullet points. My apologies:

  • We have a new host starting on Monday, May 5th. He will be broadcasting Monday – Friday, 11PM – 1 AM. Think: Mark Faust goes to law school. It’s going to be that good. Speaking of Mark Faust, I put his first show from last Sunday into the “Featured Content” section.
  • “Australian Philosopher” Glenn Albrecht answered something reposted by VoR contributer, Auldrav. He wants to tell us that we’re very bad for thinking that Whites have rights–or that Whites exist. We have lots of fun with him here. Come get your lulz off.
  • Mishko is back from Croatia at his home in Southern California. He was on the Friday show with Faust and Bud White, contrasting the positive atmosphere of all-white Croatia with the rude awakening of being grilled by a Mr. Ngyuen in customs upon his return to L.A. All that, and German ‘groids, plus some good rantage on the Friday show.
  • It won’t be long now that we’ll have all our audio promos and station IDs in place, so we’ll be sounding much more like a real “radio” station. We will also be going with a schedule that’s much more exciting that the basic filler music I’m playing when we’re not doing a live show or replaying a live archive. We’re going to be broadcasting EJ Steele’s Nickel Rants, re-mastered ADVs, speeches by Revillo P Oliver, some audio lectures of our peoples’ history, and more. It will overall be a more tightly focused production. It’s getting lower down on my list, so it will be happening before I do another update. Hit the email feedback link up top for suggestions. Those go straight to my in-box.
  • We’re incorporating as an L.L.C.
  • At some point soon, the website will grow out of its current awkward stage into something that looks more balanced and focused. Also, it should all work!

That’s it for now, which is good because I’m being summoned. Take care!