Hitler’s Reich reincarnated Sparta AND Athens

April 25, 2008

A Greek comrade wrote me:

Welcome, your first post is a nice introduction!

Greetings, Greek!

I studied both koiné and Classical Greek. What an incredible bloom of the Aryan mind!

A Yale professor wrote a book, The Tyranny of Greece over Germany, saying that National Socialism proved that Germany was more influenced by Greece than Rome, but vice versa with America and England.


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


One of the most beautiful sculptures by Arno Breker. Ignorant GIs with sledge hammers broke all Breker’s sculptures in 1945, but through the Aryan Internet they will live on for us through the millennia. Judea has failed.

Certainly in philosophy and culture, Germany under Hitler was a new rebirth of the Hellenic spirit, of Sparta and Athens.

I hope you visit my thread,>”Apocalypse of the Psychopaths,” which just passed 53,000 views.



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