Gorgeous lady Finn an Aryophile; my show tonight with Dietrich!

April 23, 2008


Viivi Avellanin is a reporter for “Nelonen” TV in Finland. On Radio Rockin’ she said she loves blond, Aryan-looking Finnish men. How dare a journalist ever be honest? Doesn’t she get it?

(translation from Finnish today by the valiant young comrade, and my friend, Henrik Holappa)


Viivii lipsautteli rasistisia kommentteja”Viivii’s racist commentary”

Viivi Avellán: “I prefer the Aryan type of man over dark-skinned Southern types.”

23 April 2008 ILTALEHTI News.

Viivi Avellán, a Finnish journalist who has worked for the TV channel Nelonen was interviewed by Radio Rockin’ on the Wednesday morning show. Avellán said on the live radio broadcast:


“I like more the Aryan-type men. Dark-skinned men and others of that southern sort don’t attract me.”

In the Radio Rockin’ interview she gave a commentary about her interview in a tabloid newspaper ltasanomat last week, which expressed some racist views. In her interview in the newspaper she said she loved Finnish men and “the Aryan way of life.”


Top that, Jews. Nah, don’t even waste your time; we Aryans have the most luscious babes in the world. iSU-o-mii (accent on that first syllable) is the true word in Finnish for “Finland,” their spotless, efficient, snowy Nordic nation of lakes-and-pines(-and-summer-mosquitoes laugh). Many Finns also live in Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (gotta have that cold! laugh)– but other babes and hunks from Finland have moved to near Ft. LauderdaleLake Worth, Florida. I knew a few. “Hot” but also Honest and Hard-working, too — by tradition, Lutheran.

She said on the radio show, “That maybe came out a little bit wrong. I used the wrong term about the ‘Aryan way of life.’ But I like Aryan-type men rather than brown or Southerners. I like Finnish men… or from no further south than Berlin northern Germany.” The radio journalists were amazed at her statements and asked if she was a racist. Avellán denied she was a racist, claiming it was only a case of what sort of men she personally liked — and when she described them with the word “Aryan,” she “just was not thinking that much.” Later Avellán apologised if her statements insulted some people.

[JdN: Which "people"?]


Not only Finland has Nordic beauties. . . . don’t forget neighboring Russia, with 120 million white people, the second-most populous white nation on earth after America!



“And now as Monty Python would say for something completely different.

The Jewish-American-Princess ideal of beauty. I knew a very nice, helpful Jewish therapist, but when he told me he idolized Sarah Silverman, I knew: “Never the twain shall meet” (from the phrase in “The Ballad of East and West,” a poem by Rudyard Kipling; “twain” means “two things” from the Anglo-Saxon word twegn).

[warning: very loathsome Hebrew image; come gently first off your Nordic cloud back to reality]


bComedienne Sarah Silverman, recently renewed for another year on Comedy Central.b

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12 Responses to “Gorgeous lady Finn an Aryophile; my show tonight with Dietrich!”

  1. Mark on April 23rd, 2008 6:29 pm

    Why is it “racist” to have a personal preference? It’s completely natural to be attracted to one’s own kind, part of the survival instinct.

    Yet because of Jewish cultural terrorism that hates whites, particularly northern Europeans, they try to instill in us hatred of our own. If anything, to not have a preference for your own is a mental illness, much like hating your own family.

    Jews, and those with a Jewish mindset, hate any attractive, fair-skinned European that loves their race. They want naive, rootless, easily corruptible whites, especially white women, who they can use and exploit for financial gain. They want to see beautiful Aryan women like Viivi Avellanin debased in pornography while they count their shekels.

    So what’s next, will it be hateful and biased to be heterosexual? What, you don’t like women *and* men?

    Their deconstruction of humanity as a whole caught a snag on differences between men and women, as it’s been biologically proven beyond a doubt that men and women differ beyond mere genitalia, their brains are actually different. So the egalitarians are content for now with just being socially and politically equal, despite innate biological differences.

    The best thing people can do is *not* cower and apologize for something you like and know is right. They want you to feel guilt, to be ashamed, to be subservient to their will. Don’t do it.

  2. John de Nugent on April 23rd, 2008 7:38 pm

    One nasty Jew, AAtos Erkko, owns most of the Finnish media now, a multi-billionaire. I’m sure he could have had this girl fired. Henrik Holappa told me all about this psychopathic fiend.

  3. Lev MOgilevich on November 29th, 2008 1:58 am

    You white supremacists are SO F-ing stupid.
    First of all, jews dont control the whole world. If you think all jews can communicate somehow and control the world, with one universal jewish goal, you are STUPID, plain and simple.
    SECOND, THOUSANDS of jews are blue eyed, even more are green eyed, even MORE are red-haired, (which is a nordic trait), and many are blonde.
    FACE IT, finnish people are HALF ASIATIC, and somehow thinking that white people are superior is rediculous.
    I am white, but I dont think im better than anyone else.
    You must understand, that dark eyes and dark hair is a DOMINANT trait, which means that if a white girl fucks a latin guy, her kids are going to have dark traits.
    WHY??? Because dark skin/eyes protects you from the sun, and light eyes and hair does…….NOTHING beneficial.
    So, while dark people can live in nordic and southern climates, light people can only live in nordic climates.
    I wish I was darker and tanned easier, because then I wouldnt have to use suntan lotion.
    I get freckles whenever I get tan. Do You understand you stupid bastards???????

  4. Z.O.G. on November 29th, 2008 3:12 am

    Get lost, kike.


  5. Lazlo Pierson on December 20th, 2008 7:06 pm

    Love the brilliance of this blogger. Let me guess, your uncle Gunther, an “Aryan” molested you as a child.

  6. Ba Racknophobe on January 15th, 2009 1:10 pm

    @Lev MOgilevich

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.
    First, most of the people you label supremacists, aren’t.
    Second, the existance of blue eyes has something to do with adjusting to the environment. Many animals have them too, for instance dogs, cats, mice and pigs. What good blue eyes do for you is that they’re simply nature’s way of being economic. If you don’t need a lot of melanine (pigment), you won’t get it.

    People with blue eyes tend to better accomodate to long periods (winters) when the nights are longer than the days. People with brown eyes tend to get more depressed in such surroundings. I personally don’t consider any eye color better than the other. I’d rather choose a pretty chick with brown eyes than an ugly one with blue, every time.

    Finns are not and have never been considered Aryans, no matter how blond they may be or have been. They ar not considered Aryans by themselves and not by others. Their language sounds something like Japanese. Which doesn’t mean that they can’t look good. Many of their women do. For men I can’t say, since I’m not too interested in men’s looks.

    Also, the meaning of “blond” varies a lot from culture to culture. Among the German Nazis you were blond if you weren’t black haired with a bluish shift, like Superman is depicted in the comics. So, by that logic, Adolf Hitler was dark blond, although I personally would call him simply darkhaired. During his youth Hitler was often mistaken for a Jew, because of his long hair and full black beard. Hitler had blue eyes btw. It seems Hitler modeled his ideal Aryan race on what was the opposite of the Jewish Look. Jews were usually short, swarthy and blackeyed. So the ideal Aryan must consequently be the opposite of that, tall, fair and blueeyed.

    As to Jews and their various colors, it doesn’t matter. People don’t dislike you guys because of your looks, even when you look typically Jewish. It is your behaviour and hatred of others that bothers everyone. Behaviour like treason to your host country, stealing and bloodletting the host people, disrespecting and hating of the host people’s women, etc, etc.

    Become normal human beings and no one will hate you.

  7. Hispanicboi on January 21st, 2009 3:44 pm

    Nordic women are elegant wich is why i like them but i dont think they are racially superior than any other women. most white “aryan” looking girls i know are girlie in a unique way which is attractive to me. also i am sick of that shit like German people who are proud of their country no matter what getting branded as nazis when most Germans would have never approved the killings of jews if they knew or had the power to do anything. i am also sick of decent jewish people getting stepped on all the time, if you see any jew with a bad personality hate him if u want but dont condemn the whole race for it, in the same way some black people condemn white people when it’s only a fraction of them which have hatred for others on the basis of race. just ask any decent German Person and u’ll see what im talking about.

  8. Wolf on January 21st, 2009 7:57 pm

    “decent jewish people”

    Where? When? Who? How many?

  9. Katherine McFarlin on April 15th, 2009 10:28 pm

    I was researching the Holocaust on the web and I came upon this…based on this blog, YOUR NAME SHOULD NOT BE THE “Voice Of Reason”!!! It should be the voice of racism!!

    I know everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but pls..Find another blog!

    and FYI

    i bet my African AND Jewish friends are smarter than you.

  10. Katherine McFarlin on April 15th, 2009 10:34 pm

    And thank you to those that opposed this topic, and brought a more tolerant view to these racist pigs.

    If Aryans are sooo great, then God would have known that and he wouldnt have created the other races.

    Ever thought about that?

    Coexistence: Its how the world has run for centuries


  11. Mishko Novosel on April 15th, 2009 11:01 pm

    LMAO, I love your “jew speak” terminology i.e. tolerance, coexist and racism.

    Now, back to the topic, I love how you people that have no argument what so ever just name call, now that’s not very tolerant is it.

    Just for the record, no DIVERSE or MULTICULTURAL civilization has ever survived, FACT. You need to actually learn some REAL history and avoid lecturing people on subjects you are obviously ill prepared for. It’s apparent that you’re either unwilling to review topics such as these with an OPEN MIND or simply unable to grasp the facts.

    My positions and opinions are based on FACTS and EXPERIENCES, NOT emotions and what the jew tv box tells me.

    GROW UP and keep you uneducated, and gravely false opinions to yourself.

    Best Regards,


  12. Michael on April 16th, 2009 1:24 pm

    Finnish people are mixed race as are all white people for one simple fact. at the emergence of the ‘first white person’, that individual ‘HAD’ to breed into the stock he emerged from. after many generations, a group of individuals would have been bred with those similar characteristics, given that their population was great enough, and there was sufficient genetic variance in that population then they could inbreed, and purify those traits, ie eliminate older traits. this of course happened in stages, as perhaps only one or several genes would evolve at any one time, and the outbreeding is necessary in order to accumulate other genes that are complimentary to those newly evolved genes. ie if you iradicate all other races, you disadvantage the ‘better abled’ races, hence aryan (noble/born leader).

    finnish people are known to be genetically mixed with innuit peoples as well as native americans. the first is for obvious reasons, innuits were the first people to conquer and populate all of eurasia, though prevalence of their genes is almost entirely absent from africa, which is highly contradictory to the out of africa theory and instead suggests a eurasian origin and a later movement of peoples into africa. their native american admixture is due to the location of origination of the ‘native american’ peoples, infact they emerged before their caucasian counter parts, the aryan man, by a period of 5000years or so, and proceeded to populate much of the world together, eventually finding their way across the agean strip into america where they took their final form by mixing further with innuit peoples and several further genetic mutations that occured in the americas.

    since these peoples have only be around for at most 30,000years, at the very most, there has not been enough time to fully evolve an entirely seperate genome, ie all humans share traits, for the most part, in form and proportionality, though the main differences between races are either ‘superficial’ (appearance), mental (brain volume and degrees of development of different areas, capacity to learn etc), immunological (immunity to viri, bacteria, and allergies), digestion, and genitalia (hormone levels, and subsequent changes in appearance, ie hair and testosterone, and physical size).

    EYE COLOUR DOES NOT PROVE RACE, THIS IS A MYTH!! there are several alleles that determine eye colour, one for each of the following colours:


    An individual with black eyes CAN have the alleles for all other eye colours, however their appearance will not be noticable due to the layering of pigment. black and brown being the outermost, amber in the middle, then grey and blue the innermost. the difference between black and brown, and grey and blue pigment, is the size of the pigment particulates.

    interestingly green eyes are formed by expression of both blue and amber alleles.

    some individuals also present a grey disc around the outside of the iris. this appears to be absent for the majority of individuals of african and east asian descent, THIS IS THE MOST PROBABLE LINK TO AN ARYAN RACE AS ITS PREVELANCE IS AMONGST PEOPLES WITH ARYAN HERITAGE. this must be treated with caution as the gene can be ‘outbred’ from aryan populations.

    cranial proportionality is also a common way of determining racial descent as it is defined by a greater number of genes, as well as defining the ‘superior’ mental prowess of an individual, something that aided our survival over the physically stronger neanderthal. the typical nordic cranial form is taller than it is deep (from front to back), and deeper than it is broad. there is a gentle and equal sloping of the front and upper back of the cranium in opposing directions. in east asian peoples the front and back are more veritcal and face is broader. in african people, the head is more squat and deeper than it is tall. a ratio of height:depth:width of approximately 9.5:8:6.5 for males and subsquently smaller and more rounded for females is typical of a nordic cranial shape.

    the proportionality of the facial features are equal in caucasians, ie the length, measured from the front of the face, from the top of the head to the bottom of the brow is equal to the length from the bottom of the brow to the bottom of the nose, and is equal to the length from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. and in other respects follows leonardo da vinci’s ratio of 1.618 with respect to facial features, ie the perfect nordic man, being of a height of 6’1″, and his arm span equal to his height.

    typically more body hair is seen on caucasian peoples, as african and east asian peoples are generally hairless except for areas where there has been some genetic migration.

    skin pigmentation in caucasians is lighter and generally tans to a golden/terracota colour, as opposed to east asians who tan brown and africans and ‘true indians’ with heavy brown pigmentation.

    indian peoples themselves are of mixed race of innuit, chinese, 2 other peoples that are almost souly contained within india and a strong dominance of the caucasian Y-chromosome that is strongly over inflated with comparison to other genes which are largely absent, though similar configurations have emerged by the mixing of these several peoples, a large degree of inbreeding has been the result with subsequent genetic malformations being common.

    Curiously, autistic traits are largely a caucasian feature, proposed to be a ‘partial evolution’, where in particular for savants, extraordinary ability is shown, though due to incompatibility in their genome as a whole, or omission of genes, are strongly retarded in other mental and physical aspects.

    Like eye colour, hair colour is determined by several alleles, each representing the pigments of black, brown, and several red hair variants including ginger.

    some hair colours are recessive, as are eye colours, ie to have ginger hair or blue eyes, one copy of the gene must be passed on from each parent, AND NO OTHER GENES. ie in comparison to a brown haired, brown eyed individual that has a recessive red hair and blue eye genes, the ginger blue eyed individual has half of the genetic variability, hence his or her offspring are more likely to show deficits due to inbreeding, than the brown eyed and haired individual with the added ginger and blue eye genes. put simply, the brown hair/eyed individual, effectively has the genetic equivalent of 2 seperate people, (with regard eye and hair colour). of course, this principle follows on to all genes, and is the leading causative factor for death of a species due to a sudden population decrease and subsequent necessity for inbreeding to expand the population until a genetically stable genepool is formed.

    a person with black hair has the potential to evolve brown hair, and a person with brown hair, has the potential to evolve both black and red hair, as well as blonde hair.

    blond hair is a erroneous brown hair allele, hence the hair varies in shades due to the amount of the brown pigment in the hair follicles. this is why albinos have blond/gingerish hair and blue/grey eyes, the variation due to hair and pigment thickness.

    the profile of the hair follicle is spherical in east asian peoples, denoting straight hair that juts from the scalp at a steep angle, african hair follicles are triangular, characterised by frizzy fragile hair that again emerges from the skin at a high angle but sharply curls back towards the skin. caucasians typically have an oval profile to their hair folicles, resulting in a broad range of different curls and waves as well as greater light refractive properties than african or east asian hair, typically why it is defined as more beautiful, as with many of the caucasian features.

    the blond hair blue eye ideal typified by the nazis’ was infact mostly as a campaign for soldiers as these individuals were consdered to be ‘more hardy’, than their darker featured kin who were more often seen leading the party.

    in general, caucasians are defined by their superior asthetic beauty, in general, their features are of a form that is gentle and pleasing to the eye as well as having a strong sexual differentiation between men and women’s features. their nature is more often more thoughtful, open minded and creative than people of other racial heritages, though variation is still present in these traits in all peoples.

    there is no strict divided between racial types, as characteristics of each can and will emerge in all populai due to early migrations and settlements, and the later migrations and genetic drifts of their decendants.

    even within peoples who are almost entirely caucasian, other racial traits can emerge many generations later that are foreign to the caucasian race, and this is perfectly natural and healthy as it is a preventative measure against inbreeding, aswell as providing asthetic differences that give interesting variety as well as cultural balance (not everyone can have an iq of 140+ whilst menial tasks require man-power).

    the nazi party targetted the jews, at least by the face of their campaign, as they felt their mental as well as physical characteristics would be damaging to their racial purity. jews are often found to have large ears and noses, that extended beyond the brow:nose:chin 1:1:1 ratio of the perfect caucasian face, and generally accepted as less attractive. their shorter stature is also not an appealing trait in men, and although preferable in women, a good height and body size is required to form big healthy babies. the jewish population themselves are highly inbred, often showing many deficits due to their religiously encouraged inbreeding, such as poor rates of concieving, physical malformations of the organs, mtdna deletions that present themselves as diverging eyes, an under defined chin and over prominant mid facial protrusion, which are generally softer and more pleasing in caucasian peoples. these differences are equivalent to what can be seen in indian tribal peoples, as a direct result of inbreeding, as genes are eliminated and the variation in the genepool decreases, genetic expression alters and becomes more dramatic as the body literally falls apart by the metaphorical genetic seams. their eye lids tend to be thicker and like africans and east asians are rarely doubled (when the eyes are closed there is no crease that on squinting with eyes shut form a second eyelid that closes over the first), and if they are, are presented thicker in part due to caucasian admixture as jewish women worked as prostitutes during roman times, dying their hair blond as hostility against jews has been common for many thousands of years in caucasian peoples due to political, financial and sexual miscruency (hence why in their religious texts are a list of 613 some laws that clearly define, as an example, sex with ones mother, sister, brother, father, nephew/neice etc, as seperate rules so their is no room or loophole to climb through). jews are genetically larger in the frontal lobe, the area of the brain directly related to an ability to lie and decieve, as explored by functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI), thus they were percieved as being un-noble hence, not aryan, and an enemy on a genetic level of such people.

    since britain helped the jews, it is not uncommon for English people to be found with jewish parentage, often unknowningly as it was kept a secret, despite the political defence taken by Britain in WWII, the average person was generally against jews and judaism for their denial of Jesus, though this resentment today is much less as many churches have been sullied by sinful acts and political pressure to accept for example homosexuality essentially altering the religious doctrine of christianity, something the nazi party wanted to prevent.

    A degree of resentment against the jews has been to do with their control of money since the advent of christianty, as it was considered a sin in the early days of the church for a christian to handle money, or at least, charge interest when lending money. of course this was a perfect, and invited oppertunity for the jews, which led them to come into control of large sums of money, and the power associated with such ownership, over people, the economy and market and politics, in a position to cripple a country economically by refusing loans, and draining a countries ‘wealth’. germany only stands now on account of the industrialisation that was put in place by the nazi party, if that decision had not been made, germany would almost certainly have ceased to exist, as Israel came into existance, something the jews had pressured the german government to fight for so that they might have their promised land, as the chosen people that they were during the 1920′s-30′s, shortly after the collapse of USSR at the hands of the bolshevik movement, many jews that were in germany having a history of ancestry in russia.

    Even the bible depicts this nature of the jews, with stories such as:
    Isaac and Ishmael, and Sarah’s role in Ismaels explusion, and the birthright of Abraham going to Isaac instead of his eldest Ishmael. and circumcision of isaac, where homosexuality was prominent at the time, as well as his expulsion from the land of his father to live among the palestinian people.
    Esau and Jacob, and the sheeps skin so that jacob would have Esau’s birthright, with encouragement from Rebeka with approval of Sarah.
    The attempt made by the tribe of Judah (from whom most modern jews descend) to control the land of Israel, that resides north of the land of Judah, and promised to the Israelites, whom became the 10 lost tribes, as Benjamin sided with Judah.
    The worshipping of Idols in a matter of days after a prophet, Moses, had appeared performing unexplainable miracles, parting the ocean before their very eyes to drown their enemies.

    A long essay, but pretty complete and highly accurate with respect to modern and widely accepted genetic studies of migrations and profiling.