Leech the children well: How college lies to our children for the sake of Israel

March 10, 2008

This week at the university:

“Conflict in the Middle East: Iraq and Beyond”
Speakers Include:

Abraham Diskin, George Washington University, (formerly of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Amb. Urlich Haynes, (former U.S. Ambassador to Algeria)

Col. (ret.) Paul Hughes, United States Institute of Peace (formerly of the Special Initiatives Office for the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance)

Amb. Dennis Jett, University XXXXXXXXXX (former U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique and Peru and other posts in the Middle East)

Stephen Sloan, Terrorism Studies Program, University XXXXXXXXXXX

Shwan Ziad, Washington Kurdish Institute

Moderated by: Mort Rosenblum, author of Escaping Plato’s Cave: How America’s Blindness to the Rest of the World Threatens Our Survival, and founding editor of Dispatches