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September 17, 2008

This show on Thursday will have Heather Wolusch as our guest. Visit her YouTube videos under her name. We will be discussing the U.S. from a European perspective.

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Peter Schaenk, Tue. 9/16/08: The War of Perception

September 16, 2008

This broadcast is a repeat.

Diversity be Our. . . African Lumberjacks in Canada

September 16, 2008

The Africans who work here do not take weekends off. Montreal, where they have left wives and children behind, is not a weekend destination. Driving there takes almost seven hours.

Raymond Bertrand Neabo, 28, worked for a French bank in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, after graduating from university there. After moving to Canada in 2006, he found that prospective employers deemed his business administration degree useless. So he started a second degree from scratch.

For him, logging is a well-paying summer job that has, however, forced him to leave his pregnant wife behind in Montreal. “It’s very hard work,” he said in French. “You cannot get used to it. It’s like winter.”

BBC NEWS | Americas | New face of Canada’s lumberjacks

In Israel, even the A.P. are Jewish occupiers

September 16, 2008

Staffed almost exclusively by Israeli nationals and Jewish immigrants living illegally as settlers in the Palestinian West Bank, The Associated Press’ West Jerusalem bureau is the global central hub for Israeli apologetics.

Not a day goes by in which editors like Josef Federman and bureau chief Steven Gutkin do not perpetrate a fraud on their readers for the sake of minimizing Palestinian suffering and Israeli culpability therefor. (This is on top of Mr. Gutkin’s blatant and unrepentant lies about the so-called threat of the Iranian nuclear program.)

Sometimes in their efforts to demonize the victim, they forget to act like editors, making the silliest mistakes. These can include basic spelling, punctuation, and sometimes grammatical errors; while on rarer occasions they’ll repeat entire paragraphs, back-to-back.

But these are honest mistakes.

This morning’s episode of journalistic shape-shifting by the Israeli staff at AP (a.k.a., Apartheid Preservers) is silly as they come, but is far from honest. It concerns the legal status of those Israeli outposts inside the Palestinian West Bank, where some of AP’s objective Israeli editors and reporters reside.

MWC News – A Site Without Borders – - AP’s Self-contradicting Settler-Editors

Peter Schaenk, Mon. 9/15/08: The War of Perception

September 15, 2008

This broadcast is a repeat.

Iran Accuses US, Britain of Terrorism

September 15, 2008

 Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has accused the United States and Britain of involvement in an April 12 bomb attack at a religious center in the city of Shiraz that killed at least 12 people and wounded 202.

The suspects “have ties to the U.S. and Great Britain,” Intelligence Minister Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei told local reporters on Wednesday. “Iran’s Foreign Ministry had previously notified these countries, but no action was taken to prevent their terrorist activities, and they were instead supported,” he said, referring to the suspects.

“We had nothing to do with it,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in Washington. Britain has also denied such accusations in the past.

The main suspect was arrested at an airport in a province around the Caspian Sea, carrying weapons and cyanide, Ejei said. Five other people have been arrested, he said. The group that organized the attack was formed years ago and was planning to carry out more bombings in Iran, he said.

 Iran Accuses U.S., Britain In Fatal Blast –

The Friday Night Cabal 9/12/08

September 13, 2008

This Week in Disorganized America: Let’s all push together!

Dietrich sits in for Bud White with co-host Mark Novosel, staking out new intellectual territory in the ongoing discourse on “What Happened to this Place?” and “How Can We Fix It?”

Did Six Million Really Die?

September 13, 2008

World Wide Jewish Population Data: 1800-1997


Where Are The Six Million Birth Certificates?


The Second World War began in September of 1939 and drew to an end in May of 1945. In 1939, according to the records of the american jewish committee, bureau of synagogue council, there were 15.6 million jews in the world. In 1946, on the authority of: (1) the World Almanac and Book of Facts (1947 edition, page: 488), (2) the american jewish committee, bureau of synagogue council, (3) the jewish statistical bureau, and, (4) the synagogue council of america, the world jewish population grew to 15.69 million.


With 9.4 million jews living in Europe, 5 million in North America, 100,000 in South America, and 1.3 million in the rest of the world. (In marked contrast to the jews- out of a population of 78 million, Germany suffered 3.5 million soldiers killed or missing, 4.6 million wounded, and, 2 million civilian deaths from 1939 to 1945.)






If, indeed, six million European jews really died in a ‘holocaust’ (sic). The 3.4 million European jews who survived (actually just 1.7 million females) would have to have given birth to 6.0 million children (3.5 children per jewish female) in the 20 month period beginning in May, 1945 and extending on up to December, 1946. How does a woman get pregnant and deliver a baby three and a half times in twenty months? Where are the six million birth certificates?


Reality Testing The Jewish Big Lie


Suppose, for the sake of argument, six million northern European jews (two thirds of the total nine million proven by census reports) were killed by the Nazi’s during the years from 1939 on up to 1945. Each one of these jews would have to have had three birth certificates. One copy given to the family, a second kept in the hospital, and a third sent to the government headquarters of the province. Moreover, entries made in indelible ink in log books which were held safe from prying hands in the birth hospital and government records lockers in perpetuity.


Where are these records? If the Nazi’s seized eighteen million birth certificates before they executed six million jews. There would still be entries in the chronologic logs maintained in hospital and government records rooms. Where are the twelve million log book entries for these six million jews, each entry not covered by a legitimate death certificate?


Now of course, the jew will rub his hands and drool and lisp and lie that the records were all destroyed in the allied bombing raids. But if the jews lost all their birth certificates in the air campaign. Then the Christians born in the same hospitals would have lost their birth certificates in the same bombing raids. And as jews were outnumbered by Christians in Germany during the war years in a ratio of not less than twenty to one. The jews would be able to produce one hundred and twenty million Germans, each German without a birth certificate. Where are the one hundred and twenty million Germans, each German lacking a legitimate birth certificate?


Did the allied bombers only drop bombs on jewish hospitals? Did the bombs land on Christian hospitals but only destroy the jewish birth certificates in the records rooms?








Where Are The Millions Of Lamp Shades?


From the very first moment of the Second World War, jews all over the world flourished lamp shades made out of skin. The flesh crudely tattooed with a six pointed star and a number. In a raucous chorus they proclaimed the lamp shades had been made by the brutal Nazi’s out of the skin of jews. But now that we have DNA tests, able to tell the difference between the flesh of a pig and the flesh of a jew. Each and every one of those lamp shades disappeared overnight. Where did the millions of lamp shades go?


Gigantic Profit Margins In The Holocaust-Hoax Industry 25 August 2008


71 year old Misha Defonseca admits her autobiography- ‘Misha A Memoir of the Holocaust Years’ is a complete lie, from first page to last. Under oath, in a jury trial Ms. Defonseca says she- “never lived with wolves to escape the Nazi’s, never killed a German soldier in self defense, and, never walked three thousand miles across Europe in search of her parents.”


Defonseca’s slanderous fairy tale, published in 1997, became a best seller in Europe. It was translated into eighteen languages, and made the subject of a feature length movie in France.


Not surprising, in the United States her tall tale drew the interest of both the Disney Film Company and Oprah Winfrey. Note: As a public relations strategy Defonseca has her self photographed with dogs. To bolster the fantasy she grew to love wolves after living with them in caves for so many years.


In a statement released by her attorneys Defonseca explains her sly, devious, typically jewish behavior, as follows- “This story is mine, it is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving.” In America Defonseca’s sad story- her reality, her way of surviving- fooled a jury into awarding her 32.4 million dollars in a suit in which she alleged ‘mismanagement’ against her American publishing company. How many millions of euros did she bilk from the people of northern Europe with her hate provoking lies?         





Holoco$t Reparations, Or Blackmail?


According to the Journal of Historical Review (November – December 1998, (Volume 17, Number 6, page: 19)) from 1951 on up to 1998 the German Government paid out over 61.8 billion dollars in ‘holoco$t’ damage claims to israel. What in the world for? The jewish population was 15.6 million going into and 15.69 million coming out of the war. Yet at this very moment jews are winning law suits against the German people on a totally false and slanderous allegation of- ‘genocide’ (sic). Could it be there are too many jewish lawyers and too many jewish judges in Germany?




Under the Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2007 the federal laws of the United States have been amended. That any jew living any where in the world may bring suit against any insurance company in the United States. For a triple damages settlement on an allegation of an unpaid insurance policy or annuity (The policy or annuity taken out at any time from 30 January 1933 on up to 31 December 1945). Why would a jew living in Germany during the Second World War, buy an insurance policy from a company in the United States? How many jews old enough to shop for insurance in the years from 1939 to 1945 are alive at the present moment?


Conservative estimates of the financial burden on the American people for this jewish Ponzi scheme range from a low of seventeen on up to a high of two hundred billion dollars.  




What’s Happening To Blue Eyes?


“About half of Americans born at the turn of the 20th century had blue eyes, according to a 2002 Loyola University study in Chicago. By mid-century the number had dropped to a third. Today only about 1 of every 6 Americans has blue eyes, said Mark Grant, the epidemiologist who conducted the study.” The Boston Globe, 17 October 2006


Are white people really conspiring against minorities? Or are minorities, led by the jews, conspiring to exterminate white people?


Baba Kamma 113a: Jews may use lies (“subterfuge”) to circumvent the Gentile. (See:



Peter Schaenk 9/12/08 The War of Perception

September 12, 2008

Peter Schaenk 9/11/08 The War of Perception

September 11, 2008

Peter Schaenk 9/10/08 The War of Perception

September 10, 2008

Peter Schaenk 9/9/08 The War of Perception

September 9, 2008

Peter Schaenk 9/8/08 The War of Perception

September 8, 2008

Dietrich & Mishiko 9/05/08 Friday Night Special

September 7, 2008

This Week in Disorganized America: Let’s all push together!

Dietrich sits in for Bud White with co-host Mark Novosel, staking out new intellectual territory in the ongoing discourse on “What Happened to this Place?” and “How Can We Fix It?”

Diversity Strikes London

September 6, 2008

The Notting Hill Carnival, meant to be a “showcase of Britain’s immigrant community and diversity,” has ended in carnage and bloody street battles between police and black gangs, which resulted in at least 488 arrests.

Some 11,000 police officers were deployed at the event, costing taxpayers £6 million. They were attacked, glassed, pelted with missiles and confronted all day with everything from knife wielding black hoodlums and drunks, to dangerous dogs.

London ‘Immigrant Showcase’ Carnival Ends in Carnage with 488 Arrests : The British National Party News


September 6, 2008

Those of you that have listened to my show in the past, know I have been critical of many "Patriotard" broadcasters. Darryl Bradford Smith is a good example.

My criticism of DBS has never been personal, it has been based on the facts using his own words. On the other hand, DBS never fails to attack others using underhanded tactics that have been made popular in public discourse by neocon media figures like Karl Rove.

When DBS was angry with Michael Collins Piper, he called Mike a queer.

VNN was a supporter of DBS and he called them a "Zionist front operation" like "ALL" White supremacist groups.

David Duke is ‘White Trash’.

Now I have been targeted by DBS and his crony Hufschmid.

Read on, and you decide:

Shanktalk Forum Member Says:

According to Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid:

"Peter Shank, for example, claims to be a white supremacist, but he behaves just like other Zionists; ie, he insults us, he makes crude remarks about other races, and he even defends the Apollo moon landing."

Peter has never claimed to be a "White Supremacist" per say.

True, he’s stated on numerous occasions that he prefers White Western Christian Civilization, but that’s only because he’s not a hypocrite and has intellectual honesty and courage.

He’s not brainwashed by deceptive Talmudic tricks that promote racial equality, better known as Marxist Socialism or Communism.

As for insulting Eric and Daryl, that is a very low bar to set for determining who is a Zionist or not. I suppose insightful and devastating criticism can easily sound like an insult to the person being criticized.

And the claim about making crude remarks about non-Whites is a lie. I’m a long time Peter Shank fan and I’ve never heard him do that. Crude remarks are my department, but I try to restrain myself.

Eric really has some nerve. Peter goes to the trouble of producing a two part in depth, straight up and professional interview with Mr. Hufschmid only to have the favor returned with false accusations, innuendo and smears. This sort of attack by Eric and Daryl is right out of the Talmudic play-book. Very Jewy indeed.

Peter Schaenk replies:

This is a good example of Zionist tactics used in winning the War Of Perception:

Our adversaries will try to neutralize our position by claiming we are "White Supremacists". They will say we use disparaging language to attack "non-Whites".

Those of you that have been members of this website know I have not used any "crude language" when discussing non-Whites and the crimes they commit against civilization.

In addition, you know I have made a rule on this website to prohibit the use of foul language when posting your opinion.

In my opinion, foul language does not enhance the exchange of ideas; Instead, it limits the process and alienates a large portion of the audience. If the purpose of this website is to bring information to the public, then you want to be as effective as possible.

I have always stated unequivocally, that I am NOT a "White Supremacist", and I have no affiliation with any such groups. In addition, I belong to no political party or lobbying group. My job is to report the facts as an unbiased observer.

When I give my opinion, I make sure the reader or listener knows it. If I were to join a group, I would lose credibility as an interviewer and broadcaster. This is why I don’t ‘Savage’ my guests, Alla Alex Jones.

Hufschmid was a guest on my show, and I interviewed him with respect and without using him as a verbal punching bag, even though I don’t agree with his position on a number of topics.

Is Peter Schaenk a "White Supremacist?"

I believe that the White race has a right to exist, does indeed exist and has a duty to protect the culture that was bequeathed by it’s ancestors.

I believe there is a White Genocide being carried out by non-Whites on behalf of the New World Order, or more aptly described… The Jew World Order.

I believe multiculturalism and the concept of racism are nothing more than tools of the NWO to fragment the White race, ultimately destroying national sovereignty in the West and the very fabric of the traditional family unit with the end result being the complete annihilation of Western civilization.

I believe that ANYONE who supports multiculturalism and the concept of racism is a tool of the NWO and is doing the work of the Kabbalist Jew…To bring chaos and destruction to the "old Roman order".

There is no equality between the races in the natural order of things. Non-Whites have shown that they are violence prone in countries where they are the majority as well as the minority. It doesn’t matter if they rule the country or provide cheap labor to a country, wherever they appear in large numbers, violence, disease, corruption and social upheaval follow.

I do not believe our government should discriminate against any race of people, including the non-White. However, that is not the case today in the NWO.

The laws passed by Western governments discriminate against the White race, using Orwellian wordplay like "affirmative action" and "entitlements" to promote a policy of discrimination and redistribution of wealth within the White middle class.

These "affirmative action" laws do not benefit the mass population in the U.S., but favor only the non-White majority. Another Orwellian word-game, referring to the non-Whites as "minorities" when they are the majority in most urban areas in the U.S. and world wide.

In addition, I believe in the freedom of association as found in the First Amendment. That means people have the right to choose who they associate with on their private property. They can create businesses that serve a clientele they select from their own choosing, not the government’s.

Today, the White race has no choice but to allow non-Whites into their businesses, private clubs, schools and neighborhoods. The net result of this has been rampant crime in once peaceful neighborhoods, the destruction of "Main Street USA", an ever expanding Police State and soaring taxes.

All free men have the right to choose who they associate with; However, the non-Whites are only allowed this basic God-given right, while the White man is treated like a slave in his own country.

The USA is the White man’s country


This is a fact that seems to cause great controversy when proclaimed confidently, and loudly in public. A simple historical fact that raises the ire of the multiculturalist, much like questioning the 6 million figure of the "holocaust" sends the Zionist into a rage.

The USA is part of Western civilization, and Western civilization is the White man’s creation. This brings me to the importance of preserving the White race; Without the White race, the West, with it’s abstract ideas concerning man’s God given rights is finished.

To suggest that Western civilization could continue without the White race at the helm, is like suggesting Japanese culture does not require the Japanese race to preserve it’s integrity.

Which one of these "Multiculturalist’s" would suggest we do away with the Navajo Indian and hand their culture over to the French?

Yet, this is what is happening today with the U.S., as we hand over the "Keys to the Kingdom" to the Mexicans who cross our border to the tune of 4,000 per day.

No my friends, I am not a "White Supremacist", I am a "Right Supremacist".

I believe there is right and wrong and they are clearly defined in Western culture and Christianity.

I drew a line in the sand years ago and I stand on the side of people who are working for the interests of Western / Christian culture.

It is the RIGHT thing to do, in my opinion.

It was RIGHT for Bill White and the National Socialist’s to bring attention to the plight of the Polish neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio.

The Polish were threatened by non-White gang bangers and the major media ignored the story. Bill White and his group brought this story to national attention.

It was RIGHT for Alex Linder and VNN to demonstrate in Knoxville, Tennessee, in order to bring attention to the savage butchering of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian.

In both of these cases, only the so-called "White Supremacist" came to the aid of these victims to do the RIGHT thing.

When White cops in New Orleans beat a black, retired school teacher; I came out against it, because it was WRONG.

When Rodney King was beaten in public, I came out against it, because it was WRONG.

Today, Whites are being victimized in record numbers around the world and no one in the media is reporting this slaughter…That is WRONG!!!

Should I run away from these groups because they believe in the racial superiority of the White race? Is that such a crime against humanity to believe your race is superior to others?

What about Black Power, Viva La Raza, etc?

This is acceptable from the "multiculturalist’s" point of view, but heaven forbid a group of White guys get together to "freely associate" and promote the achievements of the White race or defend their interests.

Better call out Oprah and get a town hall meeting together with the head of the FBI.

Most people prefer the company of their own race over others.

Most people believe their race is superior to others.

It’s called pride.

Just like parents believe their children are the best and most perfect in the world. It is no different within racial groups, as they are merely an extension of family.

I believe when someone stands up for the underdog and fights for the rights of the oppressed, I should support their work and give them a chance to relay their message to the public with my website and radio show.

Today, the "White Supremacist" is the underdog, more than any group in the world, they are despised by the non-White and many of their own people.

I cannot speak for any of these groups, but they have a message and it is simple:

The White race is under attack by the NWO and has a right to defend it’s racial and cultural interests.

Is this wrong? Am I wrong for giving a few of these groups a public forum to express their point of view?

Does that make me a "White Supremacist"?

When I was growing up, we called these types of people heroes.

They were the 300 Spartans who stood up against the multiethnic hordes from Persia. Then came George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Robert E. Lee. They all did the RIGHT thing when push came to shove.

These are the people who would be called "White Supremacist" today by the supporters of the NWO.

If I am thrown into a category with these heroes, then so be it.

I have stated that White Political groups should have the right to express their views in a public forum, but ALL free speech "radio networks" seem to disagree, including DBS, who left RBN because of the "racist" talk show hosts.

I lost my position at RBN, because of my belief in "Free Speech"…Not pornography, profanity or four letter words…Free Speech!

Most of you know the story, I interviewed Bill White, (just like many other major media outlets that week), but because he was a National Socialist, I was fired and called every name in the book by the network boss, John (GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!) Stadtmiller.

I have never attacked DBS or Huffy personally.

I have never questioned Hufschmid’s racial background or the ethnicity of DBS’ wife.

I have never suggested someone do a "background check" on Huffy, as he has on many occasions suggested, whenever he disagrees with a fellow "researcher".

I have gone on the record saying that I don’t believe it is necessary to do "background checks" as Huffy and DBS have suggested.

The only reason people conduct background checks In this business, is to excavate for mud.

Mud slinging, the old Jew tactic…Attack the person, not the message.

My approach is simple and foolproof…Judge them by their works!

Crypto_goyJudge them by what they say over the air and in print.

Do they tell untruths over the air or in articles on the Internet?

Do they smear their opponents while avoiding the topic at hand?

Do they base their theories and arguments on the single premise, "I have done the research, so take my word for it?"

Let’s look at the comment that DBS made about me in the first post:

"Peter Shank, for example, claims to be a white supremacist…"

This is not a factual statement as you know from my previous comment. I have NEVER claimed to be a "White Supremacist".

"…he behaves just like other Zionists; ie, he insults us…"

I have never insulted these two, but I have pointed out the inaccuracies of their statements. The "Peter Schaenk is a white supremacist" is a good example.

It is a bald face lie.

When I was growing up, my mother taught me that only liars tell lies. It may be insulting to call a spade a spade, but criticism of these two has always been based on THEIR WORDS, not personal insults.

For example:

"DBS is married to a black woman, Hufschmid is gay, etc."

This is a personal insult.

I challenge anyone to come up with an example of a personal insult directed at DBS from yours truly.

"…he makes crude remarks about other races,…"

Whenever these two open their mouths, lies seem to jump out and take on a life of their own.

I go to great lengths not to use profanity or racial epithets when discussing the non-whites. I do so for this very reason:

My opponents will marginalize my opinions and facts using this tactic:

"Peter Schaenk uses the word "Nigger" and "Spic", so disregard everything else he says.

In fact, I never use those words, except as an example on HOW NOT TO EXPRESS YOUR POINT OF VIEW.

I use the facts, actions and words of the non-Whites themselves. Again, profanity is used as a personal attack, and I don’t attack anyone personally.

My weapon is logic and reason, not hyperbole and demagoguery. These are feminine traits, much like scratching someone in a fist fight.

"…and he even defends the Apollo moon landing."

I leave this topic to the listener’s of Art Bell and George Noorey. I certainly don’t defend the government’s position on any topic. Let’s look at it this way:

Could the U.S. pull off this charade?

Not in my opinion. There are too many countries, employees of NASA and independent researchers involved to keep the lid on this for any length of time.

Would the government try to fool the public and use the moon landing as a ‘Mind Control’ experiment?

Yes, most definitely. If they could pull it off, they would certainly make a go of it.

There are good arguments from both sides, however, this is a topic that will keep people distracted as they chase their tails for years. This type of theory was designed to promote endless debate, as in the game of "Go tell it to the Rabbi", in my opinion.

These theories are designed to keep people paralyzed and distracted while the Jew World Order continues it’s take over of the West. They have created political movements with the same agenda, to promote chaos and disorder in society.

The following popular movements are more examples:

Homosexual rights
Civil Rights

All of these groups and movements were created for one purpose:

To bring chaos to the existing order.

These movements and ideas were not created to "liberate" the people, as they have claimed. They were created to bring chaos and anarchy to the West.

The Jew’s main objective, according to their religious and philosophical texts, is to bring down the "Roman Order". In other words, Western Civilization.

The Kabbalist creates questions that can never be answered. It is like a dog chasing his tail endlessly. If the dog never stops to eat, or take care of his young, his species comes to an end. This is what is happening to the White race and Western Civilization today.


The War on Terror:

How do you fight Terror? There is no defined enemy, it is a tactic not a standing army. The dog chases his tail.

The War on Hate:

How do you put an end to a normal human emotion? It is not abnormal to hate anymore than it is to love. It could be argued that most violent crime is based in hate or anger.

Non-Whites are responsible for the majority of violent crime in the world today

, and yet these laws were created for the "White Supremacist".

Creating "Hate Crimes" law will never stop "hate". Those who believe they can stop "hate" with these laws, are chasing their tails.

The War on Poverty:

There will always be poor people. You cannot fight poverty, as it is an economic state as well as a character flaw. There will always be lazy people who will not work.

They will most likely be poor. In a communist country, with redistribution of wealth, most people are poor. By taking the wealth of hard working, middle class people(bourgeoisie), you only increase the population of poor.

The dog chasing his tail.

The War to end Racial Inequality:

You cannot end ‘racial inequality’, as it is the natural state of affairs within the human species. ‘Affirmative action’ laws are a product of this "war".

When you create laws to promote one race of people over another, you create inequality between races of people…You create chaos and more hatred between the Whites and non-Whites.

This has been the case with our ‘affirmative action’ laws. Racial equality is an unattainable goal…the dog chases his tail.

I hope you get the point.

My main ‘bone to pick’ with these two, would be their position defending the White Genocide that is occurring world wide:

"So whose fault is it if the white nations are taken over by dark races? It is the fault of the white people!" (DBS / HUFSCHMID)

Ultimately, yes! It is our fault. But not for the reasons put forth by these two:

"A common theme with these white supremacists is that the white people are victims of dark skinned people. You should notice that this is also popular with Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, both of whom frequently try to frighten us with stories of how the Chinese and Mexicans are taking control of America. Alex Jones also likes to tell us that the King of Spain is buying our highways."(DBS / HUFSCHMID)

The first problem with this quote is the fact that DBS doesn’t understand that the King of Spain is a White man. This is why Alex Jones is so angry with his Highness, NOT BECAUSE HE IS "NON-WHITE".

Jones thinks the King of Spain is part of the same ‘Nazi-Death-Cult’ as George Bush.

Alex once called my program on RBN to chastise my coverage of the illegal alien invasion. The only reason Alex covers the illegal alien invasion now, is because he has to in order to look credible. Public opinion polls demand it.

"A common theme with these white supremacists is that the white people are victims of dark skinned people."

I think this is a common "theme" with any honest person that has a brain in their head and a thimble full of common sense. The majority of the violent crime in the world is perpetrated by non-Whites.

The vast majority of victims in Western countries are Whites.

How many White people must be raped, mutilated, incinerated and murdered before it is "OK" to point at the 500 pound, pink elephant standing in the living room, and admit there is a White genocide being conducted by the non-White minions of the NWO.

DBS says we shouldn’t blame the illegal alien or the black gang-banger, it’s the Zionist’s and Whitey who are responsible for this violence in America and abroad.

I agree with this position up to a point…It’s only half the story.

Now here’s the rest of the story, (Thank you Paul Harvey):

It’s the fault of both parties.

The non-Whites are responsible for their actions. It doesn’t matter who put the idea in their head to rob a bank, cross the border illegally, or rape the White girl down the street.

The minute they turn these ideas into action, they become responsible.

It would be like blaming the gun manufacturers at Smith and Wesson, for a murder perpetrated by a black gang-banger because they came up with the "idea" to mass produce semi-automatic hand guns.

This is becoming a popular concept with Jew lobbyists for gun control. Again, a tactic to create more chaos not solve the violent crime problem in U.S. cities.

Illegals cross the border to the tune of 4,000 per day. They are responsible for 25 percent of the federal prison population. 85 percent of the warrants for homicide in California are for illegal aliens. The most violent criminal gang in the U.S., today is MS 13, ETC…

Sure let’s go after Smith and Wesson instead of the non-White criminals. Let’s leave the borders open and the gang bangers loose to commit more White genocide because the Jews happen to create the "civil rights" groups that encourage this type of illegal behavior and most Whites look the other way.

You can’t put an end to this epidemic of violence, if you only deal with HALF the problem. This is a recipe for chaos and nothing more. But that is the way it was intended.

People like DBS enjoy promoting theories that keep the dog chasing his tail.

In my opinion, DBS is not a "true believer", his views regarding Jews and Zionism are nothing more than an opportunity to get in the "lime light" and make a few bucks from the unsuspecting suckers that support his website.

Of course, this is strictly an opinion based my assessment of DBS.

DBS and Huffsmidt are their own worst enemies.

Their words and deeds reveal more about them than any background check could ever accomplish.

Peter Schaenk

Peter Schaenk 9/5/08 The War of Perception

September 5, 2008

Dietrich & Mishiko 9/05/08 Friday Night Special

September 5, 2008

This Week in Disorganized America: Let’s all push together!

Dietrich sits in for Bud White with co-host Mark Novosel, staking out new intellectual territory in the ongoing discourse on “What Happened to this Place?” and “How Can We Fix It?”


September 5, 2008

Listen to "part two" of Peter’s interview with Paul Fromm on player below:


September 5, 2008

Listen to "part two" of Peter’s interview with Paul Fromm on player below: