Lectures from Shmuley …

September 30, 2008

by James Edwards

Source: The Political Cesspool

I see where everybody’s favorite rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, has decided to lecture Southerners on “the sin of Confederate hero worship.”

As an American who loves his country, I am appalled by the persistence of Confederate hero worship in the South 140 years after the Civil War’s end. After all, the South fought for a truly evil cause. While there were other factors that led to the Civil War, no serious, objective historian would deny that the principal cause of the war was the institution of slavery, and that the South fought to preserve its “peculiar institution.”

Whether or not the soldiers of the Confederacy personally believed in slavery, they still fought to preserve the hideous, reprehensible practice of buying and selling human beings–each and every one created in the image of G-d–like animals. Babies were torn away from their mothers’ breasts; men, women, and children were whipped like beasts. This was the essential, defining institution that the Confederacy struggled to keep.

Well, isn’t that special?

First off, what kind of “American” would have a name like Shmuley, for the love of God? No Americans I know would ever give their kids a name like that.

Second, this just goes to show that Orthodox Jews like Boteach, no matter how much they lie about it, have no use for the Old Testament. They’re into mystical garbage like the Talmud and Kabbalah, which are the books and principles they actually guide their lives by. They claim to be followers of the Torah, but then they denounce its teachings as hideous and reprehensible. Well, then the alleged Jewish god of the Old Testament is hideous and reprehensible, because after he delivered the Israelites from slavery, he turned around and told them that they should take slaves from the different racial groups surrounding them, and that these slaves were mere property who could be bought, sold, bequeathed, etc., just like any other property. Jehovah even said that they could beat their slaves brutally without fear of punishment as long as the slave didn’t die immediately. If he died from his wounds a couple days after his beating, well, that’s sad, but he’s merely property, and no harm no foul. Meanwhile, Israelites could be indentured servants to other Israelites, but they were never allowed to enslave their brethren. Chattel slavery in the Bible was race based. And God didn’t just wink at it; he specifically told them to take slaves from the other races around them. So now we know that Jews like Shumely not only hate the god of the New Testament, they also hate the god of the Old Testament.

Then he goes on to compound his hate by mixing in lies. He compares Robert E. Lee and other Southern heroes to modern Islamic terrorists. Then he lies and says he’s not comparing them to terrorists. Next he compares them to Nazis, and follows that up by lying and saying he’s not comparing them to Nazis. Of course, does any rational person really expect to hear the truth coming from a guy named Shmuley? Is there anything more rabbinical then comparing someone to a terrorist while insisting that you would never compare him to a terrorist?

Then Shmuley denounces Christians for honoring their ancestors who followed the Bible, and for not believing in a phony Christianity that Shmuley has invented to fool they goyim:

Many of the Southerners who romanticize the Confederacy are religious Christians who lead lives devoted to moral excellence. How is it possible that they would make heroes of men who betrayed the Bible’s essential message: that G-d is the father of all humankind, and all of us therefore are equal before Him?

Of course, there’s nothing like that sort of sentimental garbage in the Bible. Nothing at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. In the Old Testament, God has his favorite people, and he couldn’t care less about the rest, and he repeatedly tells the Israelites to go slaughter their neighbors of other races, including women, children and infants, because he wanted them to take the land. You’d think a “teacher of the Torah” would know these things. In the New Testament it’s not much different. Jesus comes into the world, says he only came to save the lost “sheep” of the House of Israel, and that the rest of humanity are “goats” who will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity. A few of the goats may believe and be converted, but if they don’t it’s no big whoop to him, and the disciples should preach only to the lost “sheep”. The Apostle Paul says that God made some people special, and some people common, and some people he merely made to be tossed aside like the potter tosses aside the spare clay. So where does Shmuley find this idiot idea that the god of the Bible is the father of all mankind, and we’re therefore all equal in his sight? Certainly not in the Bible, because it teaches the exact opposite. He’s just making it up. Why would a rabbi not only lie about this stuff being in the Bible, but have the gall to insist that these doctrines that fly in the face of everything in the Bible are somehow its “essential teachings”? Simple. He’s lying about the Bible in order to condemn Christian white people. He doesn’t believe the Old Testament, but he certainly knows what it says. But he’d rather lie about it than admit that Southern slaveholders were merely following the Bible when they practiced race based chattel slavery.

Then he goes on about racism. This is the really rich part. Shmuley isn’t simply a Jew, he’s a rabbi. And he’s not merely a rabbi; he’s an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. And he’s not merely an Orthodox Jewish rabbi; he belongs to the Lubavitcher sect of Orthodox Judaism. Their holy book isn’t the Old Testament; it’s a book written by a rabbi called The Tanya. One of the teachings found in the book, and central to Lubavitch life, is that Jews and non-Jews are two different kinds of beings. Jews, whether atheist, Reform, whatever, are humans because they have Jewish genes. All non Jews are merely animals in human form, whom the Jewish god put on Earth to serve Jews. The souls of Jews are pure and holy, while the souls of “the nations” emanate from the lower world, and are unclean and filthy, pretty much the same kind of “soul” a pig or a snake would have. This is what Shumely Boteach believes. And then he has the gall to lecture others about racism. If the ADL really wants to do something about anti-semitism, they should take away Shmuley’s keyboard.

Schaenk: War of Perception, Tue. 9/30

September 30, 2008

VoR radio host Peter Schaenk interviews E. Michael Jones (replay of Mon. 9/22 show).

2 hours 6 min.

Illegal Feds are creating a ‘new’ Police State

September 30, 2008

Here are two links on America’s state governed by private citizen.  Can anyone say "RoboCop" private policing?
Martial-Law Enforcement
Has Been Privatized!

Jim Kirwan

Schaenk: War of Perception, Mon. 9/29

September 29, 2008

VoR radio host Peter Schaenk discusses the financial situation and several other topics.

1 hour 54 min.

The Tripods

September 29, 2008

The Tripods

Aliens, tripods, from outer space invaded the earth. Since at the outset they were few in numbers and could therefore not physically conquer the teaming masses of earthlings, they used mind control to achieve their mastery. Using subliminal messages via TV they persuaded the humans to put on caps made of wire mesh. Those capped remained in every respect the same as they were before, except the cap made the humans revere the tripods as their masters who had to be obeyed unconditionally. I do not know if John Christopher, the author of the tripod trilogy (The White Mountains, The City of Gold and Lead, The Pool of Fire) intended that story as an allegory, but it occurs to me. The cap stands for the opinion shaping businesses through which our masters, the Jews, control us.

I quote from the book The Vanishing American Jew by Alan M. Dershowitz: “Theater critic Walter Kerr, … demonstrated the integration of Jews into mainstream American life, by describing not Jewish acculturation to gentile culture but rather gentile adaptation to Jewish patterns of thought: … ‘The literate American mind has come in some measure to think Jewishly, to respond Jewishly. It has been taught to, and it was ready to. After the entertainers and novelists came the Jewish critics, politicians, theologians. Critics and politicians and theologians are by profession molders: they form ways of seeing.’ Today this influence is even more apparent, as individual Jews dominate television, film, book publishing, newspapers, magazine advertising, public relations, and other opinion shaping businesses.” (p. 51)

A capped German government GAVE Israel submarines with which the Jews can attack any European city. I quote from an article by Nadim Ladki (IAP News/ 2-6-3) “An Israeli professor and military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans. ‘Our armed forces are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that is what will happen before Israel goes under.’”

Capped members of the Nobel prize committee gave the 2004 literature prize to a writer of sadomasochistic pornography, Austrian half Jew, Elfriede Jelinek.

A capped American government every year gives to Israel billions, slighting its own citizens.

A capped Canadian government keeps an innocent man, Ernst Zuendel in solitary confinement.

Our masters have decreed that the nations of Western Christian civilization have to become multi cultural. The capped citizens of these nations willingly comply in destroying their own culture. Why do our masters want a multi cultural mish mash? For the Jews the whole globe is their field of operation. But their cultural home is their tribe. But in tribe versus the nation the tribe is the underdog. It is therefore to the Jewish benefit to fracture nations and revert back to the atavism of tribalism. The Jews will then be the ruling tribe among tribes. Adolf Hitler was only able to bring Germany back from chaos to order and prosperity because of the unity of the German nation. Our Masters are pushing for an Islamic penetration of Europe. Remember Joerg Haider’s opposition to more Islamic immigration to tiny Austria?. Israel withdrew its ambassador and the capped Europeans decreed sanctions.

But let me finish the story of the Tripods. A small band of humans was able to escape the capping and found a refuge in the White Mountains (The Alps). This group of free men set out to recruit the young in order to win back the world from the tripods, the masters. The capping, a rite of initiation into adulthood, occurred at the age fourteen. Sometimes the capping addled the brain and the youngsters became “vagrants”. The White Mountain group sent out imposter vagrants, who used caps from the dead, caps which did not control because these caps did not fuse with the scalp. These vagrants sought out youngsters who had their doubts about being capped. Finding their way to the White Mountains these uncapped youths had to be very careful because if caught by the capped humans they were held for the next capping ceremony. Needless to say, the book ends happily. The free men were able to destroy the cities of gold and lead and extinguish the pool of fire which controlled the capped.

We, a pitifully small band of the uncapped are persecuted by the capped who do the bidding of the masters. We have no refuge and the masters and the capped humans do not wait until our children are fourteen. Holocaust books are in grade school, and grade schools are the schools favored by holocaust survivors. Our fight seems hopeless and I have no illusions as to its outcome. Let me now speak for myself. I will nevertheless fight on. Because fighting against the lies and absurdities makes my life bearable. Not fighting would make me suffocate. I thank Community News for giving me a voice.


October 2nd, VORnetwork. Heather Wokusch

September 28, 2008

Tune in to this Thursday, October 2, 2008, for returning guest Heather Wokusch. She will discuss the state of the Union and foreign affairs which affect all Americans.

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Dietrich and Mishko, 9/26/2008

September 28, 2008

Dietrich and Mishko on financial scams and Jewish hate.

Letter from Joe 9/25/08

September 27, 2008

Komrads, About 75 or so folks, including a couple Blacks and a few Mexicans who have lost sons to illegal Mexican murderers, gathered at City Hall. About 125 mostly Mexicans and a handful of Whites protested the rally. The Sanctuary follies of SF were foremost on the agenda.

Most notable was the commie (ANSWER) and Indian attack on free speech. They made as much noise as they could with noise makers, musical instruments and drums and pots and pans as they walked around the police line …no attempt on the part of the police to separate them more than about 5 feet from the Minutemen assembly.

Now we all know that commies could care less about free speech , in fact they assert ‘no free speech for ..” fill in the blank, nothing new here. But the Indians, excused in some ways because they have never heard of free speech, were particularly avid in their noise making, particularly the rotund , short clutch of squaws who formed a very tight little knot of brown furies and made the most noise, having a grand old time circling the wagons of the white folks. I asked a couple male Indians if they knew what free speech was, keeping a smile on my face…they looked a bit bashful, possibly embarassed, but maybe they just had no English. The Pee..Pul, United..Will Never be Defeated!…that one was missing today.

A couple of 20 something whites motioned me to step over the line while they shook their shoulders…signaling male aggression. I guess they did not cotton to my sign: “Border? or Corridor to Catastrophe?”, and, “Our People built this country…Defend it…or your kids will wake up in the Third World.” Could have been Jews..

In other words, the commies were worse than the Mexicans. Nothing like a race traitor, a loser, a defector from one’s primary group, to be the nastiest piece of dirt imaginable.

Significantly, the most notable feature was the very low numbers of protesters, and almost no whites except for the ANSWER thugs. Also, the more -equal- than -others…Becker and his water boy, Sal, the obvious jew…were NOT there.

The Times they are a changin…the Wind now blows from the NORTH, a high IQ wind, and while slow to anger, can explode into a hurricane. HIgh IQ and the best soldiers in the world, Whites. Smart , tough, loyal, in it to the end…the antithesis of those Black cops in New Orleans during Katrina, who deserted en masse when the going got tough.

Which gets me to speculate on the losers, B students, resenters, of the White Left. They are here because their forefathers fought for the genes that these ingrates carry, for this land, built the land, and even tried to befriend many Indians with schools, and the rest of it. (Never mind the savagery and slavery of Indians…) Nevertheless, these white traitors hate their forefathers and want to return the country to a 21st Century Stone Age…which will be not stone tools but stone rubble and Third World violence, corruption, crime, mayhem, disease, and chaos wherein all the Whites will be murdered…if ONLY murdered, we will be in luck.

Our pioneer fathers did not systematically kill Indians, they negotiated with them and, finally, settled them on land of their own and gave and give them handouts. Amerindian IQ, north and south, is 87 average. This is remarkably smarter than African Black IQ which is average 70. IF the Chinese had beaten the Europeans to North America, there would be no Indian history, no reservations, no museums, and no movies depicting Whites as the real savages. Indeed there would be no Indians at all to build casinos and other culture ruining institutions…no Indians at all as the Chinese would have killed every last one of them…ditto the Blacks…in another time, like the future, when the West is overrun by blacks and browns, dying, and the Chinese invade with the blessings of whatever Whites are left…hoping to be accorded some status like slave for example, if only to be saved from the wretched of the earth, machetees swinging, guns blazing, etc.

A Stone AGe civilization was going to give way before any of the rest of the planet’s people. They should thank us for getting here first, just as Blacks should thank us for putting up with their nuisance, crime, ugliness, low IQs, welfare and education costs, etc. How many blacks would volunteer to GO HOme? “Man…shiiiiiitttt! Yo Mama, you mo fos gawn send us Home? Where ma piece?? Off dis marshmallow pig, honky mo fo. shiiiiittTT Ya’ll OWE reparations Man Owe us! Fo’ever…….

What we need is a two-state solution: Mexicans have a state so it is pretty easy to send them home. Blacks we would not ship back to Africa because we are too humane. So , a set-aside of Texas and Mississippi or some such would be the right thing. We would also have to provide White governors, etc. or they would butcher one-another. White Man’s Burden.

I know a cop in Redwood City who says that a Mexican will shoot you quicker than a black. Most Blacks know that they are dumb and without much skill or ambition, and trust whites more than they trust their own race….this is also true of other ethnic groups…they trust whites over their own ethnics , etc.
The Mexicans show us no deference and make plain their La Rasa racism and allegiance to Mexico. To the commie White traitors, this is great because the Mexicans are more insane than the Blacks and will kill, kill, kill. The commie Whites and Jews love it…they seek the destruction of a White Culture and Society that has rejected them more or less because of their hostility and hatred of their betters. Traitors get it first, then the more general enemy. This is the way the world works.


Peter Schaenk: War of Perception (Fri. 9/26)

September 26, 2008

Peter returns from a couple days of technical problems to continue his discussion of The War of Perception.

1 hour 3 min.

Peter Schaenk: War of Perception (Thu. 9/25)

September 25, 2008

This broadcast is a replay of last Thursday’s show.

Peter Schaenk: War of Perception (Wed. 9/24)

September 24, 2008

Because we’re working out some minor technical issues affecting the sound quality of the show, today’s broadcast was a replay of last Wednesday’s show.   Peter Schaenk will be back tomorrow. Stay with us!

Peter Schaenk: War of Perception (Tue. 9/23)

September 23, 2008

VOR radio host Peter Schaenk talks about the Jewish revolutionary tradition and the financial crisis facing America.

1 hour 49 min.

Peter Schaenk interviews E. Michael Jones (Mon. 9/22)

September 22, 2008

VoR radio host Peter Schaenk returns with a brand new show featuring an interview with E. Michael Jones, who discusses his most recent book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Don’t miss this broadcast!

Go here for more information on E. Michael Jones.

2 hours 6 min.

September 25, 2008, Christie on VOR radio

September 21, 2008

Turn in this Thursday, September 25, to hear the incredible story of Christie’s venture into violation of freedom of speech. Call-in at 866-944-8523 to speak with this important guest.

Christie’s recent videos:,679.0.html

Videos on parents who have had their children stolen by CPS:

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E. Michael Jones on The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

September 20, 2008

E. Michael Jones discusses his latest book as a guest on the Peter Shaenk Show on VOR, Monday, September 22, 2008 (7 PM, Eastern US time).

E. Michael Jones: The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit


E. Michael Jones is editor of Culture Wars and author of 11 books including The Angel and the Machine; Degenerate Moderns; Horror: A Biography; The Slaughter of Cities, Libido Dominandi, and his latest book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And its Impact on World History. Jones, a traditional Catholic, earned his PhD. in American literature at Temple University and is a former English professor who was run out of Notre Dame for opposing abortion.

“From 1966 until 1979 (with the exception of the three years that I spent in Germany), I spent most of my time hanging around with Jews, primarily in the art world (working for Sam Maitin, the Philadelphia artist, and at the Prints for People art gallery, which involved me in hanging shows at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed synagogue on Old York Road) but in the literary world in Philadelphia as well (through Robert Summers, the playwright, who was my creative writing teacher, poetry readings at the Painted Bride, and graduate school in English and American Literature at Temple University, where Stanley Fish, the “Reader-Response” literary theorist, was one of my teachers). I was also a camp counselor at a summer camp for handicapped children sponsored by the Variety Club, which was a Jewish organization. I have lost contact with just about everyone from that era, but I did discuss the idea of the book with my friend Paul Goldstein in its formative stages.”

Excerpts from JRS and review by Robert A. Sungenis, PhD

• Jones: “…the attack on Logos…from the side of Judaism, which manifests itself not by the threat of invasion from without, as is the case with Islam, which has sought to spread its faith by military conquest, but by the threat of subversion from within, otherwise known as revolution… When the Jews rejected Logos, which includes within itself the principles of social order, they became revolutionaries”

• “… Rabbi Louis Israel Newman… points out how Jews have consistently supported revolutionary movements throughout history. Jews joined forces with heretics during the Albigensian crisis, the Hussite revolution, the Reformation, and at the birth of modern England. They joined forces with revolutionaries during The Enlightenment, the Russian Revolution and the Civil Rights movement… Finally, we see a Jewish presence in the rise of the American Empire”

• “What sharply distinguished the Jews from other peoples was their attitude towards history and in particular towards their own role in history. ‘Precisely because they were so utterly certain of being the Chosen People,’ Cohn tells us, ‘Jews tended to react to peril, oppression and hardship by phantasies of the total triumph and boundless prosperity,… Through their suffering, the Jewish people would liberate all mankind… Moses Hess would take this reasoning to its logical conclusion in the 19th Century, claiming the Jewish people had become its own Messiah….The millennialist kingdom that will be ‘the culmination of history’ and that ‘will have no successors’ found numerous adherents from Karl Marx to the neoconservative Francis Fukuyama, whose The End of History announced the neoconservative millennium when Marx’s millennium failed.”

• “As Moses Hess predicted in Rom und Jerusalem, the Jews became revolutionaries within ten years of the arrival of the Enlightenment in Russia… ‘Its members,’ Isaiah Berlin wrote, describing the new Jewish-Russian intelligentsia, ‘thought of themselves as united by something more than mere interest in ideas; they conceived themselves as being a dedicated order, almost a secular priesthood, devoted to the spreading of a specific attitude to life, something like a gospel.’ Once the ideas of the Enlightenment cracked open the orthodox shell surrounding the shtetl, Jews saw their participation in revolution as ordained by God. Revolution was the task of God’s chosen people”

• In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote ‘in 1918 it was still not possible to talk about programmatic anti-Semitism. I can still remember the difficulties one encountered as soon as the word Jew was mentioned. You were either looked at as if you were crazy or you encountered the stiffest resistance.’ In 1933 Hitler told Max Planck, ‘I have nothing against the Jews qua Jews. But the Jews are all communists, and these are my enemies, and it is against them that I am fighting.’

• …using quotes from Martin Buber and other Jewish thinkers, traced this ideology to “‘its roots in Jewish messianism,’” forcing him to conclude that “the Jew ‘is driven to become the tireless revolutionary of the Christian world by an inner necessity’

• The Jews, according to Lerner ‘were enthusiastic representatives of the collapse of traditional communities because those communities discriminated against Jews.’ Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter maintain ‘the goal of the Jewish radicals was to alienate the Christians from their society just as the Jews had been alienated from those same cultures.’ In 1849, in Israels Herold, Karl Ludwig Bernays explained ‘The Jews took revenge on a hostile world in a completely new way…by liberating mankind from every religion and any kind of patriotic sentiment.’ In the November 30, 1917 issue of The Jewish Chronicle, Trotsky was described ‘as the Avenger for Jewish suffering and humiliation’ under the Czars”

• “The man most responsible for de-Christianization of American culture was the AJC’s Leo Pfeffer, who, says the AJC’s Murray Friedman, ‘advised, planned and argued more church-state cases before the U.S. Supreme Court than anyone else in American history.’… the committee , the ADL and Pfeffer’s Congress were joined together, were crucial victories’ because they ‘vindicated Pfeffer’s belief that litigation could be a primary tool to achieve the Jewish agencies’ objectives.’

• In the wake of the new consensus, a new movement was born – Neo-conservatism, or as David Brooks candidly put it in the Wall Street Journal: “Neo means new and con means Jew”

• Buckley launched National Review, a “rallying point for the new conservatism” (p. 863). As Jones puts it: “National Review existed to destroy competing conservatisms, especially those incompatible with the internationalist foreign policy establishment.

• … citing Murray Friedman’s book The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy that “National Review was run by Jews” (p. 864). Buckley was merely one of the “goyische front men,”… “Marvin Liebman, a former communist who came to conservatism via Zionism… “Much of what is attributed to William F. Buckley was the work of Jewish thinkers and financiers….never a deep thinker, Buckley relied on Jews for the heavy lifting….Buckley’s job was to serve as a model for the Catholic students from Villanova and Fordham who flocked to the YAF. His job was to destroy any conservative movement not toeing the line of the internationalist establishment.

• “Beginning in 1970, Time was in the forefront of announcing the Jewish takeover of American culture. ‘The United States,’ claimed Time, ‘is becoming more Jewish….Among American intellectuals the Jew has even become a culture hero.’

• Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, and T.S. Eliot, who came to prominence in the ‘20s, were replaced in the ‘50s by Saul Bellow, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Philip Roth, J.D. Salinger, Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, Herman Wouk, Bernard Malamud, and Alan Ginsberg. Leslie Fiedler called it ‘the great takeover by Jewish American writers.’

• Fiddler on the Roof gave a lot of attention to pogroms but never mentioned any connection to the assassination of two Czars and the rise of the revolutionary Jew in Russia…

• Like Carl Rogers, Maslow took Kurt Lewin’s research into group dynamics and turned it into a weapon against unsuspecting goyim. In April 1962, Maslow lectured to nuns at Sacred Heart, a Catholic women’s college in Massachusetts. Maslow noted in his diary that the talk had been very ‘successful,’ which he found troubling. ‘They shouldn’t applaud me,’ he wrote, ‘they should attack. If they were fully aware of what I was doing, they would ’”

• Joyce Brothers led “a hoard of female Jewish advice columnists, who popularized and spread the tenets of Jewish psychology in the mass media, contributing to the decline in sexual morals and the rise of feminism”

• “Shortly after meeting Nathanson, Lader explained his strategy of legalizing abortion by attacking Catholics. The pro-abortion forces had to ‘bring the Catholic hierarchy out where we can fight them. That’s the real enemy. The biggest single obstacle to peace and decency throughout all of history’”… “Lader brought Betty Friedan into NARAL, she brought with her the communist tactics she had learned from her youthful work with the party. Making it seem that women, irrespective of ethnicity, supported abortion was a ‘brilliant tactic’” (p. 944). “Then,” as Jones quotes Nathanson, ‘The stage was set…for the use of anti-Catholicism as a political instrument and for the manipulation of Catholics themselves by splitting them and setting them against each other.’ NARAL would supply the press with ‘fictitious polls and surveys designed to make it appear as if American Catholics were deserting the teachings of the Church and the dictates of their consciences in droves’”

• … like secular humanism, pornography was perceived as ‘good for Jews’ because it… “‘permits individual Jews a civic equality and equality of opportunity dreamed of by previous Jewish generations. It is natural, therefore for American Jews to be, not only accepting of secular-humanist doctrines, but enthusiastic exponents. That explains why American Jews are so vigilant about removing all the signs and symbols of traditional religions from “the public square,” so insistent that religion be merely a “private affair,” so determined that separation of church and state be interpreted to mean the separation of all institutions from any signs of a connection with traditional religions. The spread of secular humanism throughout American life has been “good for Jews,” no question about it. So the more, the better’”

• … Goldstein’s answer was: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism”… “‘Why does porn attract so many non-Jewish Jews?’ Because ‘even when Jews live in a society that welcomes them instead of harassing them, many Jews hate the majority culture.’ Pornography weakens the majority culture by moral subversion.

Books, Magazine, and Web Site

His 2 most popular books are Libido Dominandi and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine

His website is

The Friday Night Cabal 9/19/08

September 20, 2008

This Week in Insolvent America

Mishko Novosel hosts with Mike from Connecticut, and special guest Mike Bailey a.k.a. “Uncle Mikey” to discuss the current economic crisis and several side topics.  Bud White makes a much welcomed return and presents analysis suggesting certain correlations between the African-American presence and real estate values in urban areas.

3 hours 36 minutes.

Peter Schaenk, Fri. 9/19/08: The War of Perception

September 19, 2008

This broadcast is a repeat of Peter Shaenk’s show of Fri 9/12/2008. There was a scheduling issue, and the previously announced interview with E. Michael Jones will air on Monday, 9/22.

Tutu: World doesn’t criticize Israel because of the Holocaust

September 19, 2008

Tutu: World doesn’t criticize Israel because of the Holocaust

South African Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Thursday accused the West of complicity in Palestinian suffering by its silence, suggesting it did not want to criticize Israel because of the Holocaust.

Tutu spoke after delivering a report to the United Nations about Israel’s deadly shelling of the town of Beit Hanun in Gaza in November 2006, which he said may constitute a war crime.

He criticized the international community for failing to speak out against the suffering in Gaza, home to 1.5 million Palestinians, under an Israeli blockade.

“This silence begets complicity,” he told the UN Human Rights Council.

Tutu later told a news conference: “I think the West, quite rightly, is feeling contrite, penitent, for its awful connivance with the Holocaust.”

“The penance is being paid by the Palestinians. I just hope again that ordinary citizens in the West will wake up and say ‘we refuse to be part of this’,” he said.

The Geneva-based Human Rights Council on Thursday debated the report on his fact-finding mission conducted last May, which called for an independent investigation into the Israeli strike that killed 19 Palestinians, all but one from the same family.

The Israeli military, after carrying out its own investigation, said in February that it had directed artillery fire against the Beit Hanun area on Nov. 8 2006, on the basis of intelligence that militants were planning rocket attacks.

Israeli ambassador Aharon Leshno Yaar told the Council on Thursday: “A thorough internal investigation was conducted and the results of this investigation shared with the United Nations. Nothing can be gained by rehashing this topic now.”

But Tutu, who won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent struggle against apartheid in his homeland, said his mission never had access to the internal Israeli report.

It was regrettable that Israel had not cooperated with his team, although it admitted responsibility for the strike.

“No verifiable explanation has been offered, no independent impartial and transparent investigation has been held, no one has been held to account,” Tutu said.

In talks with senior Hamas officials, Tutu said he demanded an end to the firing of rockets into Israel, saying Hamas has an obligation to respect international humanitarian law.

“Families living in Sderot have the right to live without the fear of rockets, however crude, dropping from the sky,” he said.

Israel and the West tightened restrictions last year on the Gaza Strip in an attempt to isolate Hamas after its fighters seized the territory. The Islamist group opposed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ peace talks with Israel.

Palestinian ambassador Mohammad Abu-Koash said Tutu’s report should be brought to the attention of both the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

“The Israeli shelling of civilians in Beit Hanun while asleep in their homes and targeting of those fleeing is a war crime and its perpetrators must be brought before international justice,” he said in a speech.

Source: Rebel News

Peter Schaenk, Thu. 9/18/08: The War of Perception

September 18, 2008

This archive contains a new broadcast by Peter Shaenk, 1 hour 12 min.

Peter Schaenk, Wed. 9/17/08: The War of Perception

September 17, 2008

This archive contains 98 minutes of original live broadcast. Unfortunately, the first 20 minutes of this broadcast was lost. But, what was recovered is still worth the download.