Nobody loves America

December 31, 2007

Nobody loves America. Heaven forbid you forget about the American citizens. Heaven forbid you forget about the Americans who know the danger the Jewish agenda poses. Heaven forbid you of other religions and races hate America because we are not courageous. And Heaven help those Americans who speak out. SubieSisters

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Added: December 31, 2007

The Wilson Brothers

December 5, 2007

FINALLY. The August 31, 2007 Channel 4 news tape of what the Wilson brothers, both police officers, said about Susie. Listen carefully to their ‘opinion’ of Susie, a fellow officer. Their ‘opinion’ was racist, whether from personal feelings or what the media had said. SubieSisters

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Ann Coulter speaks to Donny Deutsch

December 1, 2007

Ann was on Bill O’Reilly to speak about her radio show with Deutsch, but Bill just never got around to it so WE taped the radio show for you!! She says Jews need to “be prefected” which means to a Christian that Christ died for our sins. Subie Sisters

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Added: December 1, 2007