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Jonathan Bowden

In Memoriam, Jonathan Bowden

Apr. 26, 2012 &‐ It is with sadness that VoR notes the passing of Jonathan David Anthony Bowden (April 12, 1962 – March 29, 2012). Jonathan Bowden was a British artist, speaker, writer, film maker, cultural critic, . . . read more »


Sex As Sacrament / Sex As Celebration, Part 1

Jan. 9, 2012 &‐ “The whore of Babylon is drunk with the blood of the saints.” Actually, the analogy is not far off from our present situation. In the disordered world, the anti-world, a “Babylon,” where Jewish . . . read more »

Scrooge - Marley Ghost Most Appropriate

Non-Equality or Incommensurability

Dec. 3, 2011 &‐ You bear the chains from centuries of Europeans questing after objective and universal foundations, equality lending itself as one of the most convenient abstractions in service of universal criteria. . . . read more »

Woolworth's sign

Women Without Class

Nov. 26, 2011 &‐ It was the ultimate Jewish perversion of terms — civil rights, freedom and discrimination — that culminated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Even a cursory glance over its statutes reveals . . . read more »

White Class

Leftism as a Code Word (Part 2): The White Class

Nov. 19, 2011 &‐ Dedicated to Charlotte Parker When our advocates call our enemies “The Left” they are making a crucial mistake – obfuscating our two greatest problems and the means of solution at the same time. . . . read more »


Leftism as a Code Word (Part 1): The White Left

Nov. 6, 2011 &‐ When our advocates call our enemies the Left, they are making a crucial mistake: obfuscating our two greatest problems and the means of solution at the same time. In an interview with Dr. Sunic, Professor . . . read more »

Kant's grave

Kant’s Moral System as Coherence, Accountability, Agency and Warrant

Oct. 29, 2011 &‐ In The Sunic Journal of October 18th, on Christian Zionism, Kevin MacDonald expressed frustration over Christianity’s hold on people, particularly being of concern as it tends to be a universalizing . . . read more »

Tom Sunic

Tom Sunic to Speak in France on Oct. 22, 2011

Oct. 17, 2011 &‐ VoR radio host Dr. Tom Sunic will give a lecture in French this coming Saturday, October 22, in France near the city of Saint Etienne. The title of his lecture is Le rôle des Etats-Unis dans la construction . . . read more »

Tom Sunic

Tom Sunic to Speak in Germany on Oct. 1, 2011

Sep. 28, 2011 &‐ Dr. Tom Sunic will speak at a seminar in Germany on Oct. 1, 2011. This literary seminar will feature several prominent German thinkers. The main theme of the event, which runs Sep. 30 and Oct 1-2, is . . . read more »

Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders

A Multipolar World? China’s Role in Central Asia (2011)

Sep. 27, 2011 &‐ The Shanghai Cooperation organization is China’s weapon in Central Asia, one of the world’s most strategic regions. Her goal is to build a political and economic bloc to challenge the West. . . . read more »

North African immigrants arriving at Lampedusa

Immigration: The Reserve Army of Capital

Sep. 27, 2011 &‐ In 1973, shortly before his death, the French President Georges Pompidou admitted to have opened the floodgates of immigration, at a request of a number of big businessmen, such as Francis Bouygues, who . . . read more »

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh: A Courageous American’s Prophetic Voice

Sep. 21, 2011 &‐ In May 1927, a shy, handsome 25-year-old suddenly sprang from obscurity to instant world fame when he flew a small single-seat, single-engine airplane, called the “Spirit of St. Louis,” from Long . . . read more »


Ludwig F. Clauss: Racial Style, Racial Character (Part 2)

Sep. 17, 2011 &‐ Continuing from Part 1 with a translation of parts of the third edition (1943) of Rasse und Seele, by Ludwig F. Clauss. “To each according to his kind, to each according to his style” The movement . . . read more »

WTC twin towers on 9/11

Lessons of 9/11: Looking Back, and Ahead

Sep. 11, 2011 &‐ On September 11, 2001, for the first time ever, terror attacks from the sky struck America with horrific, devastating suddenness. The perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks meant to harm the United States. . . . read more »

UK Riots

More on the White Rioters in England

Aug. 24, 2011 &‐ There has recently been speculation about the involvement of whites in England’s racial riots, August 6–10, 2011. A partial explanation has emerged in the Establishment press. The race riots began . . . read more »


Who’s Behind the Arab Revolutions?

Aug. 22, 2011 &‐ The Privatization of Political Protest: Western Banks Against the New Islamic Banking Movement While major media speak of the recent spate of riots throughout the Islamic world as “spontaneous,” the . . . read more »

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Blacks shouting ''Kill the Boer''

The Nationalist Report: Update on South Africa with Marc Cornah

Jul. 16, 2012 — The Nationalist Report returns! Mishko Novosel & Mike Conner interview returning guest Marc Cornah. Topics include: the situation in the Afrikaner Resistance . . . read more » | mp3 »

Unamused banner

The Stark Truth: Interview with Richard Smith

Jun. 25, 2012 — Robert interviews Richard Smith. Topics include: hate crime hoaxes; Project Vanquish; how White racism is dead and is it time to disband the term “racist“; . . . read more » | mp3 »


The Stark Truth: New Right versus Old

Jun. 22, 2012 — The Old Right means Fascism, National Socialism, and other national-populist movements, which are the pre-eminent attempts to restore traditional hierarchical social . . . read more » | mp3 »

cover of Final Judgment

The European American Hour: Final Judgement

Jun. 21, 2012 — Host Stan Hess reads from Chapter Seven — “Israel’s Godfather: The Man in the Middle / Meyer Lansky” — of Final Judgement, Michael Collins Piper’s . . . read more » | mp3 »

Patriarch Adrian

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Russian Patriarchate

Jun. 21, 2012 — Matt Johnson discusses: the last two patriarchs of old Russia: Joachim and Adrian (1674-1700); the political theory of the patriarchate; the relations between church . . . read more » | mp3 »

fourth generation warfare

Attack the System: Fourth Generation Warfare, Part Two

Jun. 21, 2012 — Keith Preston continues his discussion of fourth generation warfare. Topics include: the characteristics of each of the four generations of war that have emerged . . . read more » | mp3 »


The Mark Weber Report: Why Diversity Is Not A `Strength,’ And Why Some Countries Are Better Off Than Others

Jun. 20, 2012 — Is it really true, as American political leaders and educators claim, that “diversity is our strength”? And why are some countries more prosperous, . . . read more » | mp3 »

Jim Goad

The Stark Truth: Interview with Jim Goad

Jun. 20, 2012 — Robert Stark interviews Jim Goad. Topics include: Goad’s experience in prison vs. the public’s perception of prison life; Goad’s rejection of . . . read more » | mp3 »


Jamie Kelso: Instauration, March 1987

Jun. 20, 2012 — On June 20, 2012 Jamie Kelso reads the rebuttal of one great thinker in our cause, writing as N.B. Forrest in the pages of Instauration magazine to the equally . . . read more » | mp3 »

Ahmed Hassan

The Fighting Side of Me: “Diversity” Choking in Contradictions

Jun. 19, 2012 — Paul Fromm discusses: uh, about all the contributions of a “diverse” society, not when it comes to giving. Of 39 prominent people on Toronto’s . . . read more » | mp3 »

Walt Disney

Jamie Kelso: Walt Disney

Jun. 18, 2012 — On June 18, 2012 Jamie Kelso remembers the great White patriot Walt Disney (1901-1966) as he was saluted in the pages of Instauration magazine. read more » | mp3 »

Benjamin Noyles - Integralist Party

The Stark Truth: Interview with Benjamin Noyles

Jun. 15, 2012 — Robert interviews Benjamin Noyles . Topics include: integralist philosophy; the Integralist Party’s policies; criticisms of humanitarian arguments made nationalist . . . read more » | mp3 »

Colin Flaherty - White Girl Bleed a Lot

The European American Hour: Books about Black-on-White Crime

Jun. 14, 2012 — Host Stan Hess discusses: White Girl Bleed A Lot, a new book on black on white crime published by the Washington Post and written by WDEL talk show host and investigative . . . read more » | mp3 »

The First Muster

Attack the System: Fourth Generation Warfare, Part One

Jun. 14, 2012 — Keith Preston discusses the concept of fourth generation warfare. Topics include: how the nature of war has been transformed since the end of WW2 from a focus on . . . read more » | mp3 »

US education

The Mark Weber Report: Why America’s Education System Is Failing

Jun. 13, 2012 — American education standards and quality declined sharply during the 1960s and 1970s along with a new, “politically correct” emphasis on social-racial . . . read more » | mp3 »


Jamie Kelso: Opportunity in North Dakota

Jun. 13, 2012 — On June 13, 2012 Jamie Kelso offers listeners the latest in-person account of the great opportunity in North Dakota for White patriots seeking an optimal place . . . read more » | mp3 »

New Yorker - homosexual White House cover

The Fighting Side of Me: Dealing With “Diversity”

Jun. 12, 2012 — Paul Fromm … wonders why he doesn’t feel enriched by the sight of a man in a pumpkin orange robe and sherbet orange woollen cap at SF International . . . read more » | mp3 »

New World Order

The Stark Truth: Conspiracy Theories versus Facts

Jun. 11, 2012 — Robert Stark and returning guest Mark Weber discuss: The New World Order and the Illuminati; The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; WWII and the rise of Hitler being . . . read more » | mp3 »


Jamie Kelso: The Nationalist Times, May 2012

Jun. 11, 2012 — Jamie Kelso’s June 11, 2012 show opens up the pages of the current issue (May) of The Nationalist Times. Kelso regularly brings VOR listeners selections from . . . read more » | mp3 »

USS Liberty damaged by Israeli forces

The Friday Show: The Lesson of the USS Liberty–Remembering Jewish Perfidy

Jun. 8, 2012 — Mike Conner & Matt Parrott host. Topics include: remembering June 8, 1967–45 years to this broadcast date–the day our perfidious “ally” . . . read more » | mp3 »

David Quintero

The Stark Truth: Interview with David Quintero

Jun. 8, 2012 — Robert Stark interviews David Quintero, who discusses his view on race realism from a Mexican-American perspective. Topics include: what it means to be an unmarried . . . read more » | mp3 »

To Build a Castle

The European American Hour: White Political Strategy

Jun. 7, 2012 — Host Stan Hess discusses the importance of solid information in order to have an effective political strategy. Topics include: Justin Cottrell’s new book, Rise . . . read more » | mp3 »

Afanasy Shchapov

The Orthodox Nationalist: Afanasy Shchapov (1830-1876)

Jun. 7, 2012 — Matt Johnson discusses: the social and religious philosophy of Afanasy Shchapov (1830-1876); the essence of nationalism; sobornost’, properly defined; Rousseau’s . . . read more » | mp3 »

Miles Joyner

Attack the System: Interview with Miles Joyner

Jun. 7, 2012 — Keith Preston interviews Miles Joyner. Topics include: How Miles’s experiences with the left-wing establishment led to his disillusionment with the Left; . . . read more » | mp3 »

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